When I was a recruiter back in the days of no internet, placing oil and gas engineers overseas through relationship building, the key to success was knowing your desk and trusty rolodex inside out as well as keeping a great client entertaining expense account. The human recruiter and their relationship building skills were absolute key to placing great candidates.

Once the internet arrived (yes, I am THAT old) the shift was massive – into technological advances of email job specs, first past the post contacting candidates, race to the bottom fees and it felt very much like tech was a Bad Thing.

Now I’m working in digital and combining my social experience with recruitment, tech is now a Good Thing as it allows us to circumnavigate the traditional pipelining into values-based messaging and data targeting on social media.

The next steps into VR and AI are going to enhance both the candidate journey and engagement to a whole new level, breaking down the communication barriers that tech built in the early days.

One of the dangers facing this new world is that the candidate journey from first contact with a brand through the process can now be so tailored, so simple, so targeted to them and their individual values, motivators and triggers that once they land in an ATS and then have contact with internal recruiters, the experience can be rather jarring. Integrating the pipeline with the process is key at this moment in recruitment technology in my humble opinion.

So how do we ensure a smooth process for all parties?  The reality is that recruitment marketing in conjunction with talent management are two things that companies should focus on throughout 2017 and beyond. Talent is the absolute foundation that your strategies and performance goals rely on. Talent is the key to innovation and growth. Talent equals success. Without the right talent, how will your company innovate, create and grow thriving and profitable businesses?

Online recruitment marketing using social media marketing is an important part of your organisation’s overall strategy and using data-driven initiatives and fresh thinking can help you to build a solid pipeline of candidates that could implement positive change—and that can only spell good things for your business.

Doing a little online research myself into the recruiting trends for 2017, I found that social marketing recruitment has received a lot of attention and many in the recruitment world have vouched to invest in this avenue in 2017.  Marketing teams are also increasingly expected to align with recruitment teams in creating the best corporate brands that attract candidates and showcasing company culture by using video, interviews with staff and behind the scenes snapshots of real life within the business. This leads me to the all-important topic of employer branding, with over 80 per cent of business leaders acknowledging that this has a significant impact on their ability to hire talent.

We need to remember that with the access to the internet nowadays, candidates are like consumers.  They research prospective employers as they would research brands to purchase items from.  Their journey will usually start with a google search of the business, perhaps being directed to your website, blog, LinkedIn company page and the profiles of your key members of staff.

The future of recruitment in 2017 is definitely an exciting one, with many challenges and opportunities for both innovation and proactive thinking.

Here at Blue Sky Digital Marketing, we create bespoke social media recruitment strategies, targeting the right people for your business, using powerful, compelling messages designed to ignite the desire to succeed in top talent, all while positioning you as their ideal employer.  Let us show you how we do it, how we make it easy, and how our campaigns work from start to finish.  Call me for a chat on 01925 550 550 or email me at: helen@blueskydigimarketing.co.uk

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