Wondering how to add Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networking tools to your recruiting process? I’ve been banging the same drum for a long time now –  to reach the people you really want, you need to change the way you’re recruiting. Stop spamming job links and pu adverts that are engaging, directly into the social feeds of desired candidates.

With 28 per cent of people’s online activity spent on social networking sites (Yep, that’s 15+ minutes of every hour spent online) it’s now more crucial than ever that your company has both an engaging online presence and an active recruiting campaign. Social media is there for you to utilise, so why aren’t you making the most of it? Using social media to shout about your vacancies is a 24/7 marketing avenue, and not restricted to the ‘9 to 5’ way of life.

In fact, you’re majorly missing out on quality candidates when you’re not advertising your open positions and sharing your company culture on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Healthcare professionals will be looking for new jobs this year – 64 per cent to be precise. If you’re not currently on top of your social recruiting game, now is your chance!

So how did we fully staff a special education needs school in such a short amount of time?

We were given the task to create awareness for a ‘career open day’ for a special needs education via social media. To cut a long story short, the school had no staff and was scheduled to open within 2 months of the careers open day. So, we designed a values-led campaign, looking at the types of people who may be interested in care work whose values matched that of the job and how they used social media in their daily lives. Basing our approach on this we could target and engage the attention of people who would be interested in these roles.

The basis of our campaign was to capture those that worked in care, as well as those who maybe hadn’t considered a career but held the right values and attitude, by using Twitter and Facebook in combination in order to reach the most candidates. With an ideal candidate persona carefully created, we got a plan of action rolling to recruit these candidates. Setting up Social Media profiles for vacancies only proved to be a fantastic success so that the company’s own social accounts could remain separate and allowed us to focus entirely on filling these roles via the dedicated social channels.

Facebook and Twitter were the most popular platforms to target our ideal candidates and so we jumped into action by supplying eye-catching, thought-provoking content on these networks – directing all interested traffic to a dedicated event page on Facebook, inviting applicants to visit the company’s Open Day to discuss the roles in detail. It’s a no brainer really.

We set up employer branded channels from scratch. Yep. No followers, no likes, no social footprint at all – to a completely new school.

To reach a ‘wider, local’ audience we connected and engaged directly with local businesses and communities online which in turn created added awareness of the jobs to the local community.

A paid Facebook advertising campaign was undertaken using boosted posts and adverts to target the local area and specific demographics within that area, increasing reach and allowing people to ‘tag’ in their friends and family who may be interested in the vacancies – shareability obviously aids the campaign.

Where we really made the difference was manning the accounts evenings and weekends to ensure no question was left unanswered, no inbox let unreplied to. We gave a great candidate experience from start to finish – and have clear examples of the unsure becoming the sure becoming the recruited AND retained employee.

People think that social recruiting is simply throwing some job ads up on Facebook but it is much, much more than that.

Our efforts reaped huge rewards reaching a total of 47963 people across Facebook and Twitter, with 940 people interacting with the company online. The campaign proved a huge success with over 140 people turning up to the Open Day – resulting in a fully staffed school and a more than happy client.

Do you want to reduce your recruitment costs and attract the team of your dreams? Your ideal candidate is just one click away! Give us a call on 01925 550 550 or email me at: helen@blueskydigimarketing.co.uk and I’ll grab a coffee (or herbal tea!) to see how we can help.

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