As a social media consultant running a social media agency I understand the importance of knowing your target market and having a niche where you add loads of value, get a lot of enjoyment and ultimately make money.

In my online coaching practice I spend a lot of time with clients helping them understand not just how they help people but who (exactly) they want to work with and why what they offer is so useful for their ideal clients – and what makes them ideal clients for them to work with from both sides of the relationship.

Like most things it is easy to do this for others but not so straight forward when you want to do it on yourself.

I ran my own business through my process and had a good hard look at my why over the weekend and this is what I found.

1.    Recruitment is about people and I love people. It is incredibly important for both clients and candidates that the right people find each other. Selling stuff is fantastic don’t get me wrong, I love running FB ads and creating campaigns for all sorts of products and services but helping brilliant people find new careers and companies hire star performers – this stuff matters. In so many ways. There is definitely a bigger picture in play here.

2.    I love recruitment but I don’t want to be a recruiter. I’ve been a recruiter – back in the day pre internet in a world of expense accounts and roladex’s – and decided to get out ironically when it became more digital focussed. Years in the wilderness of local government, marriage and babies followed, however when I became fascinated by social media and it’s ability to create action in people my first thought was ‘how can this be used in recruitment?’.

3.    I have the most experience in working with recruitment agencies. Although I now work with agencies and also direct with clients, when I started my business I needed a client and my first client was a great IT recruitment agency called Adria Solutions. They were a client for 7 years and we went on that journey together as we both recovered from the recession (there ended the marriage to the builder…), I started working for myself and we both grew bigger and bigger, year on year.

4.    Recruitment is an almost universal problem that I have developed a solution for. If you’re looking for a niche that has big problems to solve and in a myriad of different sectors recruitment is it. Whether it’s hard to recruit because of geography, skill, competition or reputation, we have a solution for all nuances of ‘the recruitment problem’.

5.    I like recruiters because they get a hard time (as do social media ‘people’), there are good, great, indifferent and terrible ones which makes it fun weeding out the great ones and they are fundamentally sales people like me and they do say we are the easiest to sell to…and they know that if we can find them for a fixed price in a totally new way they will gain a competitive edge plus make serious money on our services. The RoI can be unbelievable. The agency capitalises on it’s existing hard won relationships and we support their resourcing so they can win and wow clients, plus focus on what they really do best.

6.    I also like ongoing recurring revenue and recruitment agencies (good ones anyway) have an ongoing need for candidate pipelining through Social Ads as well as brand social media marketing, hiring their own staff AND can use my LinkedIn training, coaching and outsourced services so I can help in multiple ways combining all our skills and services and build up a fantastic long term working relationship that works for everyone involved.

7.    Working with recruiters and particularly recruitment agency owners massively floats my boat because we understand each others desire to run successful, exciting businesses with the same passion for people and business. They’re usually super busy and value having a marketing partner they can trust to get the best results for their budget, and love the fact that when we do Facebook ads to attract candidates we do it in a very specific and detailed way so they get to pipeline better quality passive candidates – because they are usually super competitive too!

What are the 7 reasons why you do what you do?

Have a great and productive day

Helen xx

P.S. If you want to know a bit more about me and what social media recruitment marketing means to us watch here

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