If someone asked you what was the main reason to use Social Media could you tell them? Catch up with friends, find the latest news and gossip, watch cat videos or to sell your products and services?

For businesses defining why you are actually spending time and money on Social Media will allow you to create plans that help shape your marketing plans. If you throw out a tweet without any thought behind it then it’s basically throwing your money away.

I feel that there are 6 main reasons that people use Social Media. So why should you care? They should shape your planning as you create a Social Media plan.

People use Social Media to Learn – to find information that interests them.

People use Social Media to Connect – to catch up with friends or find and create new connections.

People use Social Media to Laugh – and why not?

People use Social Media to Promote – to make others aware of who they are and what they do.

People use Social Media to Show Off – to tell others how great their life is (sad but true)

People use Social Media as a Habit – to relieve boredom or to scratch an itch.  This also includes FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out.

What people aren’t using Social Media for is to be advertised to. And it’s difficult to gain their attention and get them to like your brand. So by making sure that before you hit that send button you satisfy all of these questions:

Why am I using this platform? Choosing the right platforms to use is vital to connect with the right audience

Who cares? Why should people care about what you’re posting?

What do I want out of it? What journey are you taking your customers on?

Defining what you want out of your posts

People neglect the planning phase for their accounts. It’s easy to do when you’re trying to do a million things at once.

However it’s vital that you sit down, either by yourself or with your team, and create a Social Media Marketing plan. Start with the goals that you want to achieve. Your ultimate goal might be to recruit new staff, new leads, new sales, it doesn’t matter – you also need to define your Social Media results to help you achieve these goals.

By choosing whether it’s just a case of getting your brand out there, or to develop connections and relationships with new clients and customers anyone in your business should know why they’re about to share their next post.

So why are you on Social Media?

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