Just as all roads lead to Rome, all the paths you take with your marketing plans lead your clients and customers somewhere – your website, your store, your signature on a contract with them.

It can be difficult to make a splash and grab the attention of your ideal customer – through competitors, competing with their attention span in a fleeting moment as they see your message, and how much of an impact your carefully crafted advert actually has on your audience.

It’s even more difficult if your marketing efforts meander along and don’t have fast lanes to direct them to where they need to be – buying your product or service.

There’s plenty of ways to reach a new audience whether it’s word of mouth, everyday branding, TV, radio, digital, social media. But it all needs to come together to make it easy to spend money with you.

As a business we are social media through and through and luckily for us it’s a fantastic medium for getting your message across to the people who matter. However it is just a junction to get people onto your motorway, not the final destination.

If you’re chucking money at social media marketing your accounts need to be anywhere where your potential customer interacts with you – on your receipt, emails, store, vans or website.

It’s incredibly easy to say ‘Find us on Facebook’ on a van, or to say we are on Social and self eulogise about how good you are. To promote a product on social and say ‘in stock/on sale’.

But it’s more difficult to join it together – and to make people actually care about your business and posts. Marketing is just about accepted by consumers. Not particularly liked (unless you’re a John Lewis Christmas Ad!) but they understand that it is a means to an end.

So when you do promote on social, do you take your followers directly to the product so they can quickly buy it? Do your accounts have multiple ways to contact you, highly visible? Does your website/landing page ensure that a consumer has confidence in you and your business with plenty of compelling content?  And more importantly is it easy for users to buy and use your site straight from their phone?

Making a customer’s journey as easy as possible is vital in making your social marketing work. It might be simple, but it can be incredibly effective. If the result of your social marketing requires more than one click to get the end user to do what you want them to do, then it might be time to rethink your plans – whether it’s your landing page or post – in order to keep their path as simple as possible.

So does your marketing road resemble a 2-year olds attempt at drawing (I’m sure there’s plenty of kids out there who can draw better than I can!) or your dream road – straight to where you want to go with no traffic, red lights and problems?

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