Have you ever actually looked at one of your job adverts on your phone, clicked through, gone to the landing page, clicked to apply for a job, submitted your details to apply for a job?

If not, go and do it now, off your phone. The majority of traffic to your site is now mobile. Put yourself in your candidates shoes.

‘Upload your CV’ I understand why this is there. It must make it much easier to administer your ATS or internal database. I used to be a recruiter and a resources and I remember the PAIN of typing up CVs (on the one office computer) and later scanning and attaching and then later still entering into a complicated custom built internal database, I don’t even know what mystical magic happens now with these attached files.

However the reality is that to attached a CV from your phone, even the top of the range mini hand held space computers we all carry around today is still quite a complicated procedure.

I know this because I attempted it recently for my boyfriend and I consider myself fairly, averagely, tech savvy. I had to get the document into my google drive, download a word app to edit it, upload it in the correct format after attempting twice in the wrong one and then continue to input further information. Luckily we were sat in a beer garden at the time so that took the edge off. Otherwise I think I would have just given up.

Maybe you have an online application form. So I go on there and have to fill in a million boxes. I get it. It’s easier for you if I fill everything in here, but is it actually necessary? I don’t have lots of patience. And if English isn’t my first language, this could be the point I give up.

Perhaps the way you engage with the people who see your advert and click to find out more by sending them to a page where the job spec is. Lines and lines of what you want from them. And a small piece where you say in return you will pay them and give them some time off. Not really selling it to me, I don’t really get a feel of who you are and if I would be the right fit and vice versa. This could be where I give up.

Maybe I see an advert and click through to find out more and nothing happens. The link is broken. I give up.

I want to ask a question. I can’t see a way to so I give up and go elsewhere.

Perhaps I go to a job site where there is more to read and more clicking to do before I get to a point where I can submit my details. I get frustrated, and this could be where I give up.

Perhaps the advert goes to your Facebook page where I scroll around a bit but can’t find a quick way to get in touch. I get distracted and run out of time.

Maybe I go to a non mobile enabled site. Forget it, I haven’t got the patience for that.

People are busy. Applying for a job is a serious decision not to be taken lightly. But they are still busy, usually working, ideally a quality, passive candidate who has had their head turned by your carefully crafted article.

I know you are thinking, but Helen, the best people will take the time, make the effort, do what it takes. I would say the best people need to be wooed and wowed.

No matter what your business you want to attract the best people. You know the ones. You can think of a couple straight away. Those people are the mysterious ‘good people are hard to find’ of the infamous cliche.

Why would you make it difficult for them? Why not make it easy?

The candidate journey is not about you it is about them.

At every step along the way there are opportunities to showcase your story as a first rate employer. There are also ways to show how you operate from the very first time your dream potential employee encounters your brand as their potential employer. Or your ideal candidate for your client first encounters your agency.

All you want is for them to feel inspired to get in touch. To express their interest.

That is all you want them to do. As an internal or agency recruiter you can do the rest. This is where you can take over and really wow them.

Ask for the minimum and deliver them the maximum. Get the basic contact details and take the time to call or contact them to see if they are the right fit to go through to the next step.

Why demand everything from them up front? This is potentially the start of a beautiful relationship, whether they are a warehouse operative or a senior executive.

Yes it is more work from your side. The upside is worth it.

By creating a smoother candidate journey you will engage the right people. They will make the difference to your business and to your bottom line.

This is a lesson learnt from years delivering social media campaigns to deliver excellent candidate journeys and identify, attract and engage with the right people.

We do not take on clients now without creating landing pages ourselves. Because otherwise the right people click, and then they don’t convert because of what happens next – some of which I have detailed in this article.

Going to be offering free landing pages with all social recruitment campaigns in January. Let us show you how we would do it, how we make it easy, and how our campaigns work from start to finish.

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