If it isn’t already, Instagram needs to be an integral channel within your marketing strategy. With its number of users growing at an unbelievable rate, it’s a platform you should really be utilising straight away. The channel has over 400 million active monthly users who are posting, on average, 40 BILLION images. The numbers are outstanding, and its exciting times for many businesses out there that are making full use of the channel.

We received some questions from businesses that aren’t yet using Instagram or are not really sure what to do with it!

Would Instagram work for an Estate Agents, when we are already posting listings online? Open House.

Instagram would definitely work for you, it’s about reaching out to a wider audience and building your brand awareness, not just what listings that you have. Post things that people want to see and draw them in enabling them to see who you are and what you do. For example:

  • Unique interior design
  • Beautiful buildings/houses
  • Interesting homely features
  • Pictures of local scenery/buildings/events
  • Your team/office

It’s okay to promote your listings occasionally too, don’t however flood your profile with every single picture of the property, instead pick a key feature or best photo of the property and add a link to view further in the profile biography. Whatever you do, don’t use Instagram solely for listing properties. Your efforts will go to waste and Instagram won’t work for you.

We’ve been on Instagram for a few months and actively posting, but aren’t really getting much back from followers, comments or likes. What can you suggest? Alexandra’s Florists.

Start the conversation instead of waiting for it to just happen. Comment on user’s photos you have followed and liked. Commenting on a picture can show real interest and it’s a great way to get conversations going. As mentioned throughout, the engagement on Instagram is second to none, I would almost guarantee that if you leave a comment on a picture, of a user you have followed and liked, you will almost certainly receive a reply and a follow.

Drill down into your local community, and potential customers, and if anyone is posting about flowers they’ve got or like, the next time you get an order of them in @mention that user with a friendly comment like “we’ve got your faves in stock!” It shows that your taking notice of them in a positive way.

Also a competition would work wonders, if you did a flower giveaway, using a hashtag #alexandrasfreeflowers and the winner was the person who shared that post the most, with their followers having shared it also, that will help build consumer engagement.

I hope that I’ve helped a you along a little bit of the way with deciding whether to venture into the world of Instagram, it’s well worth it. Connect with your audience, create conversations and utilise this great platform. You have nothing to lose.

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