Employer Branding Campaigns

Your social recruitment campaign starts with building your perfect employee.

We’ll then find and engage them – even when they aren’t actively looking for a new job.

Map your ideal candidate personas’ to their Twitter activities.

Laser target your next hire by finding and engaging with what your perfect employee loves and is passionate about.

Have a responsive, data-driven campaign.

Consistently monitoring the response to all adverts and content, Blue Sky Digital is able to do more of what works well to maximise your return on investment.

Creating a persona

Be supported in designing an ideal candidate persona, including their values, interests, experience and qualifications. We ONLY search for exact matches, saving you time spent on administration and candidate filtering.

This allows you to create content that allows ideal candidates to ‘lean in’ to you – responding to a message that ticks their personal boxes, leaving them wanting to know more.

By being part of a holistic approach to recruitment, social recruiting can complement other search tools you are using such as job boards and newspaper adverts. Blue Sky Digital works positively with your organisation – bridging Human Resources and Marketing to protect and enhance your brand identity while meeting your recruiting needs.


Using Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms’ powerful targeting tools, Blue Sky Digital stops the right people in their tracks while they are scrolling through social media during their personal downtime. Using powerful, compelling messages designed to shake them from their comfort zone, we position you as their ideal employer.

Keeping the conversation going in real-time via social media (be it in the day, during the evening or at the weekend), Blue Sky Digital then successfully converts their initial interest into a concrete application for your role(s).

Blue Sky Digital’s service includes the creation of company videos, which you can use for multiple purposes both on and offline at no extra cost to you. We will interview your staff and senior team to tell the story of why viewers should work for your company.

Review and adapt

Through increased exposure on social media, your brand, workplace culture and the opportunities you offer will be marketed to thousands of new people.

Everything Blue Sky Digital does is transparent; you have access to all data generated from the campaign including conversions from your website. This includes demographics on what type of candidates have engaged with your messaging, which you cannot access through traditional job boards or newspaper advertisements.

Any social media pages and assets created are yours to keep once the campaign is finished. Alternatively, Blue Sky Digital can continue to manage the pages for you on a long-term basis (ideal if you have ongoing recruiting needs at peak times throughout the year).