There is an unrivalled opportunity to reach multiple potential employees right in your hands, right now using Social Recruitment.  It’s the hot topic in the recruiting world for 2017, but what exactly is it and how can it work for your business?

Social recruiting takes three different paths:

  • The first path aims to increase your reach by spreading the news about your available jobs and relying on the power of other people’s social networks, social currency, to share these jobs far and wide.
  • The second is to actively search for potential candidates via publicly available information on social networks using paid adverts as well as bespoke, specifically targeted content which your key people will be interested in.
  • The third path is to build your employer brand using social media. Using images and creative content to draw people into wanting to work for your company by showing behind the scenes snippets and company culture.

Traditionally, you would place a newspaper advert, post on a job board or advertise a job on your own website or social accounts. These methods do still work although you may have noticed that they aren’t working as well as you had planned and in some cases not at all.

Recruitment agencies are a popular choice, particularly amongst larger companies, and in return for a fee they will find you a selection of people who are suitable for you to interview. However, you don’t have much control over the process in between.

When social recruiting is conducted properly, you identify exactly the people the company would love to employ, understand who they are, what motivates them, and crucially – where they spend their time on social media.

Adverts should then be placed that appeal directly to those people and make it incredibly easy for them to learn about the company and apply for a position – usually in just a few clicks.

Think about your own use of social media.  Are you spending much of your free time actively signing up to job forums, scouring the net for a new career or visiting the career section of company websites? No. Many people spend a good portion of their free time connecting, networking and sharing on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat or even YouTube.

Creating a great employer brand profile online is absolutely key to finding great candidates in 2017 and beyond. A quick google search will tell your potential hire why you’re a great company to work for and what your current employees have to say about you.  It’s time for HR and Marketing to work together to tell the story of you as an employer to your ideal future employees.

So, what are we going to shout about? The things that make for good conversation online are the same things that make for good conversation in real life:

  • Don’t just talk about yourself. Give out some golden nugget information! Write an article on how to craft the perfect CV to land an interview at your company, how to nail an interview or how to become a better leader. Share information that will help people be more successful in your organization.
  • Ask a lot of questions. Build an online community and get people engaging! What’s their best interview tip? How do they hope to become a better employee or more effective leader? What’s one thing they want to know about your organisation?
  • Tell stories. Share interviews with your employees, tours of your building and team profiles so they can get to know them virtually.
  • Share interesting news and useful insights.  What’s going on in your industry or local community? The people that you want to work at your organization are likely interested in this information.

The days of submitting an application and waiting for a phone call are gone – now you can talk to potential and current applicants in real time, in their own world. You can answer questions, encourage applications and overcome objections even before applications are made. People (especially good people) are enthusiastic and pro-active – and now you can be too, without them even having to leave their favourite social media app.

I’m sure you will say that your best hires have come from recommendations or referrals – now you can watch ‘word of mouth on steroids’ in real time on your employer social media profiles as friends’ tag friends and friends of friends’ tag friends of their friends.

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