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Take control of your social media

Learn the essentials of social media in our training sessions

Facebook Training

Learn the tips and tricks of Facebook and Facebook ads to make the most of your page, and increase the results from your paid advertising campaigns.

LinkedIn Training

Tap into the world's biggest professional network and get potential clients to contact you as our LinkedIn specialist trains you in how to generate leads from your account.

One-to-One Training

Our one-on-one training workshops will fully focus on your needs and problems and how you can achieve your social media goals.

Group workshop

Train your team in how to use social media within a team dynamic so that your message and strategy is always on point.

Learn to Love LinkedIn Workshop

As well as our one-to-one LinkedIn training we also have a unique opportunity for business owners and managers to take part in our Learn to Love LinkedIn workshop in Warrington.

As part of the course you'll meet like-minded business people, who are not in your industry, to connect with, as you learn how to create new opportunities on the world's biggest networking platform, all while creating new connections at our full-day workshop.

During your on-going support and training, you'll learn how to make the most of your LinkedIn account in order to generate new leads, clients, partnerships and networks.

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Social media training and workshops

Learn the essentials in social media to develop and deliver an effective social media strategy:

Define your target audience on social

Learn how to define and segment your perfect audience to ensure your messaging creates an impact. Learn how to create personas for your key audience that enables you to create unique content just for them, and to connect with them on a personal level.

Develop an effective strategy

Learn how to put together a strategy that engages your audience and delivers the results you want as you understand how to brainstorm creative ideas and the best practices to create compelling content.

Connect with your audience

Discover how to cultivate an audience by talking with your industry and community influencers as well as how to create compelling content for your accounts that means your audience will stop in its tracks and will notice you.

Measure what matters for your ROI

Whether it's paid adverts or call-to-actions you'll learn what to look for when reviewing your accounts to ensure that you're always getting the best ROI from your social media efforts.

Bespoke workshops and training

All our workshops and training are unique to you and finding the right solution for your business. Talk to us for a no-obligation chat about how we can help.

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