Make 2017 The Year Your Business Finally Gets To Grip With Social Media.
Feel like your company is wasting time and money on social media without any strategy? Join a training programme unlike any other.

Say Hello To Training Based On Your Business

Sales Based
All our social media training is based around getting sales and leads for your business and brand. Learn how to use social media the Blue Sky way.
Ongoing Support
We support you 24/7. From Facebook groups to monthly get togethers, we'll be on hand to answer all your problems and queries. 
Commercially Focused
You don't just learn theory with our training. We'll work with you and your accounts to build strategies, content and ways to engage to run a succesful account.

What Our Past Training Users Have Said

Blue Sky has now delivered two courses for 247 Nursing and both have been interesting and informative. They have a great knowledge and puts this across in a very easy to understand way making the training enjoyable as well as useful.

We all found it really worthwhile and picked up some incredibly valuable tips. I would recommend Blue Sky to anyone, from small businesses to large who need help with any form of social media or marketing.

Georgina Rose, 24/7 Nursing
I met Helen quite recently but in that short space of time she has helped change my thinking, direction and attitude towards my business. I employed Helen to improve and raise awareness of my LinkedIn profile. The work has attracted a significant increase in views of my profile.
Sam Blakeley, Mad Marketing


Monthly Off-Site Training Day
Up To 1 Hour Weekly Update Call
Review and Feedback Your Strategy
Peer Support Group
Access To Our Team 24/7
Online Training Course
Peer Support Group
24/7 Access to Team
Initial 1-2-1 Meeting
Fortnightly Training Call
Peer Support Group
24/7 Access To The Team

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is your training different? 
We work with you and your business. We have our own best practices and guides to help you, but we'll guide and grow your social media accounts, not just use generic content that doesn't meet your needs. We drive you to create great strategies that work long term - and we'll always be on hand to help you.
3. I'm already in training for an apprenticeship  - why should I come to you?
Because we know what the difference between theory and work actually is. We hired an apprentice who was on a social media course. And we found that what a business really needs and the training they provide is completely different. Our metric and result based training will allow you to become a more rounded - and better - social media executive that knows how to use social that benefits a company.
4. What's part of the training day? 
In small groups we'll help you to review what you did last month, put together strategies and content for the following month and support each other and improve. All from our senior team- to give you a better understand of social media, communications and marketing to real people. 
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Are You One Of These People?

Do you have someone responsible for social media but not their sole role?
Is your apprentice's current training not quite hitting the mark?
Do you want your Digital Agency to have a specialist social person?
Working in a Marketing department but want to specialise in social media?
Looking to use social media to grow your business?
Love more guidance and support as you learn to be a social media expert?
2. Why Blue Sky? 
We've worked with loads of businesses across a number of different sector - from raising £75k in one month for a brand, helping a charity reach 1 million people for their campaign, to working with local community-based rugby clubs. After 10 years in digital marketing we found that we love helping people learn the potential of social media the most.  And we feel our stuff can benefit you.
5. Who are Blue Sky?
We are a Social Media Agency led by Helen Pritchard. Helen has 10 years of social media consultancy, strategy and guiding businesses to use social media in a way that benefits everyone - you, your audience and everyone involved. Helen is supported by a team  that work closely with clients to get the best results for them, in an honest, open and straightforward way.

A Training Programme Unlike Any Other

Do you have someone doing social media but you both don't really know what you're doing?
Do you want to add social media to the services you provide but not sure if you're doing it right?
Do you need to offer learning and development opportunities to your staff?

Send your staff to join the team at Blue Sky Digital once a month and let us help them deliver social media that actually works for your business. With our help we will give them all the tools, advice and know-how to maximise their time (and money) spent on social media. By training with us they will get a hands-on understanding of creating a strategy, delivering content and mastering paid advertising.

This is not sitting in a boring class room listening to outdated powerpoint presentations. This is relevant, engaging and actionable training, mentoring and support. It's like having your own three sets of expertise in your business being delivered by your staff on the ground. It's not come once and off you go. The ongoing nature means that we will monitor and develop the skills of your staff to ensure that they apply the new techniques that tangibly improves your business

We will show them how to create reports that show how well your social media accounts are performing, and the ways to feedback this into the team to improve their performance.


Our Training Programme Is Tailor Made For You

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