Graduate Attraction Scheme

Snap up the best graduates

Create a graduate attraction strategy that works


75% Of Businesses Find It Difficult To Find Good Graduates

75% of graduate employers find it either moderately or very difficult to find good graduates (Kaplan, 2014). It's a battle to find the very best candidates and you might have a great graduate scheme and programme in place. But the best want more than just a job posting on Milkround, or on the career site of a University. They have to to be enticed and attracted to join your company. They want to know more about your company and your culture. And social media is a great way to support and supplement the work you're doing year round at Careers Fairs and engaging with a University.

The Best Graduates Have Multiple Job Offers - Not Just You

You're competing not only for customers and clients but for the best talent - we don't need to tell you this. From work placements, open days, and everything else the best graduates can take the time to think about their next move. And so do you. You don't want to find graduates that leave after 6 months, 2 years and ends up costing a lot in terms of succession planning, causing you to struggle with the business objective as you go through the same pipelining whilst trying to fill another role. Social media allows you to be front and center of a person's attention - repeatedly. Show that you care about a graduate and you can start to form a relationship early on in their University life, meaning that you become their first choice.

How Our Graduate Talent Scheme Works

Create Employer Branded Channels

We create employer branded graduate channels, content and adverts that creatively showcase you as an employer in a way that appeals to the values, triggers and behaviours of your ideal candidates.

There's a multitude of options available - and it's likely that graduates are not on LinkedIn. That's why we work with you to find who your dream graduate is, and then we turn this into what channels they are likely to be on. Whether it's Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp or Instagram, you need to make sure that you're on the right platforms, at the right time.

Finding And Attracting Dream Graduates

Because we are a creative agency, not a recruitment agency our focus is on creating compelling employer branded channels showcasing through multimedia content why you are the go to employer of choice for your ideal graduates over the many other options they have available. We do this through truly understanding you and your business, why you do what you do, how the culture and the people create an amazing business, and what you offer your employees over and above transactional benefits.

It's not enough to throw out a job advert, by implementing social media as a major part of your graduate recruitment strategy you can identify and attract your ideal candidates 24/7, leaving you with a pool of talented candidates, interested parties ready to work with you on work experience or generally engaged with you - leaving you as their first choice as an employer.

Creating Compelling Content From Your Current Employees

We do this through talking to hiring managers, key decision makers, existing superstar employees and crucially those who have successfully completed your graduate scheme to understand what motivated them to apply and what they feel are the real intangible benefits to working with you. We use this to create compelling adverts and effective candidate journeys to ensure your find, engage and attract your ideal employees through social media.

Engaging When Graduates Are Active

Because we have a team in the office full-time and a team of freelance mums who work evenings and weekends we give an off the scale candidate experience in terms of communication, engagement and responsiveness. This means that from the first point of contact of seeing an advert in their social media feed (when they are sat relaxing at home before or after being at Uni all day) to applying to work for you, and one of your team contacting them, we are on hand for them every step of the way.

Direct Targeting Based On Values

Using Facebook and Instagram we can deliver your message directly (literally) into the hands of your ideal employees by putting different visuals into different social media feeds depending on gender, age, location and interests. Creating higher engagement, click-throughs and conversions - i.e applications.


What we do

  • Work with you to create employer branded channels
  • Work with you to create easy and compelling candidate journeys turning interest into applications
  • Create compelling content to engage with your audience - 55% of 16 to 24 year olds would appreciate guidance and employment inspiration from individual employees of a company (High Fliers Research Limited, 2016)
  • Engage with your audience 24/7
  • Work with your team on events, open days and careers fair to increase footfall to your stand and events
  • Create and Monitor Paid Social Media Advertising