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About Blue Sky Digital

We're an agency based in Warrington, Cheshire with over 10 years experience in social media and digital marketing.

Managing Owner and Owner Helen Pritchard, who has worked previously as a recruitment consultant, leads a team passionate about helping other business to be successful.

We love herbal tea, meeting new people and as an employer helping mums with flexible working conditions - ensuring that you have 24/7 activity on your accounts.

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What we do

We work with companies to make their social work for them and to give them great, actionable advice on how to make the most of their social. Whether it's creating and delivering a recruitment campaign for support workers to working with small businesses training them in Facebook Advertising we are all about solving your problems.
  • Team fuelled by herbal tea75%

How we started

From starting out working in the evenings and meetings in a pub to a streamlined team of social fanatics, we've seen a real need from clients in finding the perfect employee, as they struggle with traditional advertising. And this is where we come in.
Owner Helen Pritchard started as a one women band - working with brands, events, charities and more to come up with social media strategies that make a real difference to clients. From there her team has developed and grown, all passionate about our clients and helping them achieve real results. Meet us for a tea and we'll tell you more about our team and how we work
  • Time spent on social media in a day90%

  • "I met Helen quite recently but in that short space of time she has helped change my thinking, direction and attitude towards my business. I employed Helen to improve and raise awareness of my LinkedIn profile. The work has so far attracted a significant increase in views of my profile. Her insight and advice has really inspired me. She have been professional, proactive and easy to work with. I am looking forward to seeing the results of the next steps in her strategy for me."
    Sam Blakely
    Mad Marketing
  • “69 applicants on the first day. I’ve never seen numbers like this, but then we've never done anything like this before either.”
    HR Director
    National Retailer
  • "Helen has now delivered two courses for 247 Nursing and both have been interesting and informative. She has great knowledge and puts this across in a very easy to understand way making the training enjoyable as well as useful. We all found it really worthwhile and picked up some incredibly valuable tips. She gave us practical, relevant ideas and actions that we have implemented immediately using Facebook and Linkedin to increase the volume of candidate applications and engagement. I would recommend Helen to anyone, from small businesses to large who need help with any form of social media or marketing."
    247 Nursing
  • "I just want to quickly say how 'surprised and delighted' I am with the 'tone' of your interaction with our online community. It feels like we are writing the messages ourselves, except yours are even better sometimes. My initial feedback on your performance is really positive and I just wanted to thank everyone there for getting up to speed so quickly and really understanding what this small family business is about and really hitting the note/tone perfectly. It instils a real confidence in me when working with you guys."
    Keith Hanshaw
    Leather Satchel Company
  • "Blue Sky Digital provide a fantastic social media management service. From creative ideas for content through to considered planning and well-executed campaigns, Helen and the team make social media easy and effective."
    Lindsey Moore
    Agnes Marketing
  • “Bright Futures has recently engaged the services of Blue Sky Digital Marketing to support us in our recruitment programme, with great success. Everything is on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Working closely with our Account Manager, we have developed a strategy that meets our business needs to target the audience via social media. We have found people with the right values to work at our organisation.”
    Kerry Barnes
    Bright Futures